R42 Norton

Indoor Shooting Range and Gun Shop

Range 42 Akron
3017 Barber Rd, Norton Ohio 44203


Range Features

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Indoor Shooting Range

6 Indoor Shooting Lanes
Climate Controlled
50 Feet Long

Location Services

FFL Transfers
Firearms Cleaning
Sight Install
Firearm Repairs

Gun Smithing Services

Free Estimates

We Buy Used Guns

20% Down
30 days same as cash
3% charge on remaining balance after 30 days
60 day max term

20% down
30 days, same as cash
3% charge on remaining balance after 30 days
60 day Maximum Term

Range Pricing

Range Time

1 person, 1 lane 30 mins - $15
1 person, 1 lane 60 mins - $20
2 people, 1 lane 30 mins - $20
2 people, 1 lane 60 mins - $26
3 people, 1 lane 30 mins - $26
3 people, 1 lane 60 mins - $32


6 months - $190
12 months - $360
6 months - $240
12 months - $468

Location Services

FFL Transfers - $30
Gun Cleaning Starting at $30
Repairs start at $60 hour

Range 42 Virtual Range

Located inside Range 42 Norton

What is Virtual Shooting?

Virtual shooting is a safe, fun, and educational way for shooters of all ages and skill levels to practice and improve their shooting skills. It's a clean, safe, and inexpensive alternative to traditional shooting ​ranges. It is not a replacement, but it can be used to help you learn to shoot firearms in a safe and effective manner.


1 Person 30 mins - $16
1 Person 60 mins - $28
Add $10 for Each Additional Shooter
Up to 4 shooters can shoot at once

Various Titles

CQC Alpha
Skill Drills
Steel Challenge
Practical Shooting
and More


Team Building
Family Fun
Birthday Parties
Date Nights

Airsoft Shoothouse

Located inside Range 42 Norton

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Indoor Airsoft Shoothouse

Practice with friends
Private Rentals

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Airsoft Pricing

Shoot House Rental
$10 per half hour
Rental Airsoft Guns - $10 EA
Safety Gear Rental - $2 EA

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Airsoft Packages

CO2 Pistol Package: $25
Includes: 1 Pistol with CO2 cartridge
500 rds of ammo and PPE
Rifle Package: $20
Includes: 1 Rifle, 500 rds ammo and PPE

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Self Defense


Holosun Optics
Kore Belts
Bravo holsters

Top Selling Brands

Training Classes

Firearms and Medical Training

New Online Basic Handgun Course

Join our Online Basic Handgun Class now at an unbeatable 50% off! Master the fundamentals from the comfort of your home with expert guidance.

CCW Classes only $80!

Buy one CCW Class at regular price and get a second for only $68! Select discount at checkout.

Basic Handgun

Basic Handgun
Pistol Cleaning and Maintenance
Basic Handgun - Online

Concealed Carry

Akron CCW
Brunswick CCW
Cleveland CCW

Medical Training

Red Cross Adult First Aid/CPR/AED
Includes Pediatrics
Trauma Medical Training

Shooting Clinics

Pistol Fundamentals
Low Light/Barricades

CCW Tactics

Concealed Carry Tactics

Range 42 Norton
Based on 141 reviews
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This is my go to from now on. Christian is extremely knowledgeable and is very patient with first time rifle owners. He showed me the process of cleaning my AR and answered every question I have. Good job Range 42
Took the CCW class. Very informative with excellent instructors who were patient and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Took the Basic Handgun class with John and Collin. They both were exceptional instructors with a lot of patience. I appreciated John’s humor and passion for the subject. I left feeling confident and eager to learn and practice more. I will say the self-defense insurance sales pitch felt out of place for a beginner class where the majority of students did not even own a gun.
The employee behind the counter was very knowledgeable, patient and kind. Although i had bad luck with the timing of my visit, they had just sold out earlier in the day of what i was wanting. The employee kindly let me know when it would be back in stock. Will definitely revisit Range 42.
After doing my due diligence on considering places for a CCW class. I decided on Range 42. Which was best in price area wide. An has many great an positive reviews. An top notch instructors with tht were well versed in knowledge of current laws an extensive background an in weapons and training in firearms.I had Adam as my classroom instructor he was very knowledgeable an down to earth individual an has a great sense of humor as he was teaching an giving real life experiences 1st hand an 2nd though others he personally knows. Was also very engaging with students an created a great learning environment. Also explained better ways to hold your firearm an manage recoil an increase accuracy. Which for me i lacked.When it came down to the shooting part was greatly impressed with the other instructor in showing me better technique to hold my firearm an quickly corrected my mistake an explained the difference. Which in turn increased my accuracy an trigger pull 10 fold.Will be signing up for more classes which they other and is more relevant to real world events which can happen. An have you better prepared.
Great CCW class! Very informative! The instructor was so kind and helpful!
Chris was an amazing instructor, he was able to handle a widely diverse group of students with all levels of experience, which is not easy! He was 100% professional, and made the class fun! The safety aspect was drilled into all of us. I will be sending my wife there for her classes as well. I will be attending other classes! I highly recommend them!
I took a ccw class with Chris. It was an awesome experience! He was very helpful an knowledgeable!!
I had class with Adam. He did absolutely amazing, extremely thorough, gave lots of good tipe for first time firearm handlers. Everyone at the facility has been extremely friendly, helpful. I recommend this facility 100/10 for any firearm training!!! You will not receive as good of training elsewhere.
Great ccw class Adam fronsee is a great trainer and the staff is great and building is very clean I would definitely recommend range 42
Great classes! Helpful staff!
Very helpful and patient range instructor for CCW class , I believe his name was John awesome guy
Buzz is the man ,very informative, funny, and serious. He made the experience quite memorable and was always about what he was teaching. This place will be my home range and definitely WILL take more classes
Excellent had a group of 5 for the class this evening. Chris did a excellent job very knowledgeable and engaging. Time on live fire him and his partner did a great job. Instructing and giving help as needed with everyone in the class.
Nice people and they have fair pricing and nice and clean .
Great firing range. Loved it.
Good place. Well equipped range. Very professional people, know what they are doing!
Great experience, clean location great atmosphere and the trainer Scott was great. All the staff at this location is awesome
The staff is very helpful. I am very comfortable with the staff and this is critical when need to trust the information. Tou are given.
Chris Rudy was an incredible instructor, He was knowledgeable and interactive. Chris really took the time with everyone in the class individually to make sure we were comfortable confident and competent. I am thankful to have had such a patient instructor!
This is my go to range. Close to home, prices are good, and very clean. Employees are helpful and extremely nice. Can't wait for the ccw class in September.
AWESOME!! Very knowledgeable and friendly.
Took the class and I was totally satisfied I had a awesome instructor he was very knowledgeable I will refer this class to everyone I know interested in it and getting there ccw
Great place, took my CCW here. Were very informative and helpful, helped me diagnose my troubles when shooting so i can practice on my own. Very great place, good store front and friendly people
Always have a good experience going here to this range. Guys here are always very welcoming and kind. Range is on the smaller side, but it’s usually not too busy. If I could have one suggestion it would be to turn the temperature down in the range so glasses don’t fog up. Highly recommend this place!
Darren was very patient and kind towards me and my friend. This is a welcoming environment. We had a great time 🙂
Buzz was as informative as an instructor could be! Highly Recommended
Have been to the range there. Friendly customer service.
the ccw class was wonderful and had as loving every moment of it. would highly recommend for anyone that has either no experience or some.
Great place to shoot. Even better place for your CCW. Adam is an awesome instructor. This is my second round having to get my CCW due to letting it expire for too long. Made my first experience seem like I learned nothing, definitely learned a lot more at Workman!!! Would give 10 stars if I could.
Great range with even better customer service. Adam is great to work with over there.
Chris was an excellent instructor. My wife and I appreciated the one on one training. He was very accommodating to my wife’s disability. We both liked that all of our questions were answered. It was a good day! Thanks.
Took the CCW class and Scott was the instructor! He made the learning very interesting and not dry. You learn a lot in the 6 hours in the class. What really sets these guys apart from any other class I have taken or my friends have taken is here you get 1 on 1 time with a coach while you are out on the range no other place does that and it really helps! These guys are not money hungry as well and probably one of the cheapest classes you can take. They genuinely care and want to teach you. I definitely will be back to take other classes they offer especially low light/no light pistol class! Because bad things tend to happen at night! Thanks again and I highly recommend this place!
yes I will I took 1 ccw class there and it's local and looking at prices I think r good 2
Took the CCW class today with instructor Buzz.
Best class most informative class I've ever taken.
I would recommend this class to anyone.
Great, Welcoming, Helpful visit this afternoon.
New ownership has made this place real nice. Great time shooting today.
Took my CHL class there on Saturday. Class has alot of great information and our instructor Scott did a great job..kept the class moving and engaging everyone. my range coach Nick Q. was very nice, helpful and professional.
Will go back for training and range time.
Clean, simple space for shooting. Easy in easy out.
My Husband and I took the CCW class Tom Dillon was our instructor and he was very good at it. I learned a lot about firearms/handguns the handling of a firearm, safety, parts and how to shoot a little seeing that I had never held one or fired one b4. He made sure we understood that even tho we took his CCW class we still needed to keep up with practicing on shooting which I agree. Tom made the 8 1/2 CCW Class interesting and fun at the same time. The shooting range was scary but fun and I passed. Staff was very nice and helpful. I would recommend Range 42 if you’re looking to take any of their classes.
hands down 🙌🏾
range 42 is the best all around and their very friendly, clean environment and the coaches was excellent when it came to the one on one hands on training and I learned alot plus they was very kind and respectful I loved it their and I will recommend all my love ones to go to range 42 bc they teach you about carrying the correct way and about life lessons when it comes to ccw. 🤞🏾🎯🏌🏾‍♂
Range 42 is my all-time favorite range now the instructor was everything he made sure everybody was comfortable took his time in the lesson and gave us everything we need to succeed with our handgun license the coaches were exceptional took their time with us and overall I just loved it there!!!!!
friendly employees very helpful nice clean place 👌👍
110% recommend the CCW class to anyone looking to take one. we went in a group of 6 & Tom was our instructor. he was EXTREMELY knowledgeable and professional, while also being fun and welcoming. he made 9 hours fly but also gave us a lot of helpful information and advice. the range itself is very clean and the workers are super friendly. overall a 10/10 experience and couldn’t ask for a better time!!
yes I will highly recommend you guys for anyone else you guys are highly knowledge the atmosphere is very comfortable that people there are very welcoming I had a blast and I will continue to use the range for my practice training
Highly recommend the ccw class with range 42.. took the class yesterday with Tom, I learned a lot, and had fun doing it!! He is an awesome teacher with tons of experience!!.. John was my coach during the shooting portion and he was very friendly, and and knowledgeable as well!! 🙂
Four friends took the CCW class on feb21,2021. We LOVED Tom Dillon! Great teacher! He kept us engaged and was wonderful at explaining things. Class size was perfect. Would have liked a bit more shooting time. Would recommend this class !
Angie,Laura, Pam, Lexi.
Took my CCW class here and Tom was great. Very informative, knowledgeable, and not a bore to listen to. I would highly recommend checking this place out and take some classes.
Went here for my CCW class and the instructor TOM was great!! He made sure to get the point across and also gave the classroom some excitement! I would highly recommend this place. And thanks TOM for your time and expert advice.
We took our CCW class here over the weekend. Tom our instructor was very knowledgeable in every way. Ive shot guns my whole life and didn't think there was much to learn. I was wrong. We were also taught quite a bit more by another instructor on the range. One on one in the range is great especially if you were to come in knowing nothing. Very nice easy going environment. Highly recommend taking a class with them!
Great instructors (awesome job Tom Dillon!) Very knowledgeable personnel! I can’t wait to go back and practice again!
The instructor was awesome very educated in the weapons and safety of firearms, made the class very interesting and not boring, my firearm coach Cheryl was very patience with me and very encouraging!
I took the CCW class today with the instructor Tom Dillon. I can't say enough great things about Tom! He is so incredibly knowledgeable both by the book standards and in real life situations. He made the class enjoyable and fun while being informative. My shooting instructor, I think his name was Matt, was extremely patient, comforting, knowledgeable, supportive and all around kind. I spoke with 2 other instructors after my shooting time and both of them were the same as Matt and Tom, incredibly kind, supportive and knowledgeable. The entire staff here is amazing and never made me feel inferior for being a beginner. Their attitudes were as if it were their first day on the job, enthusiastic, always willing to help, so kind and helpful. As a military brat and a veteran's wife, I will forever be a customer.
Took our CCW course today and it was great. Very friendly staff our instructor Tom was very knowledgeable and funny. My personal shooting instructor Buzz deserves 5 stars alone for just putting up with me and my lack of gun experience..Well done guys 👍👍
Took my CCW course today and had a wonderful experience. Highly recommended! staff is super nice and very helpful. I will definitely be back to practice shooting!
Very friendly atmosphere not intimidating at all