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Indoor Shooting Range

8 Indoor Shooting Lanes
Climate Controlled
50 Feet Long

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20% down
30 days, same as cash
3% charge on remaining balance after 30 days
60 day Maximum Term

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Range Time

1 person, 1 lane 30 mins - $15
1 person, 1 lane 60 mins - $20
2 people, 1 lane 30 mins - $20
2 people, 1 lane 60 mins - $26
3 people, 1 lane 30 mins - $26
3 people, 1 lane 60 mins - $32


6 months - $190
12 months - $360
6 months - $240
12 months - $468

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FFL Transfers - $30
NFA Transfers - $60
Gun Cleaning Starting at $30
Repairs start at $60 hour

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Basic Handgun
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Akron CCW
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Range 42 Brunswick
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I would recommend this class for everyone. The instructors Adam and Craig were very informative and funny. The class was long and I was not looking forward to sitting in the classroom all day but it flew by. They taught the state laws of owning and transporting your guns, situations that can occur, the mechanics of a gun, how to properly hold your gun and so much more. I plan on taking more classes here, they offer so many. Take the class here you won’t regret it.
I come to Range 42 to practice and I’m always happy with every staff member I come in contact with, but I took my CCW course with Adam and I can’t say enough how awesome he is! I was dreading sitting in a classroom for 8 1/2 hours but by the end of it, it flew by and I was really sad it was over. Adam is so incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about teaching this course. I also had the pleasure of meeting Craig who chimed in on the class as he’s training to teach it and to become an instructor. It was nice to watch Craig “learn” how to teach it because Adam would address any parts Craig may have missed and they just passed topics back and forth and it was easier and more fun to learn it that way. As a young female with beginner knowledge, I was pretty nervous going in so it was nice to see that these were real people who just care so much to inform others that I was never intimidated by them or any of the material/ topics of discussion. When it was time for the range portion of the class, Adam wass so incredibly aware of what I was doing that may have prevented me of becoming a better shooter that he told me what I needed to work on and demonstrated until I understood. We ended up having time left in the class so Craig worked with me even more in the range. The one on one with the instructors were my favorite portion because I learn so much more. This entire experience was so much fun and I left excited to learn more and will be scheduling more classes. I think everyone should be taking these classes and I hope they are able to experience it with Adam and Craig because they are just pretty damn awesome people.
Great staff. Great day. Had never fired a handgun. Instructor was great. Highly recommend.
Adam was a great instructor! We all had a great time and learned alot.
I’ve never felt the need to leave a review for anything I’ve ever bought, or a comment for anything I have ever watched. I don’t mean to come across ungrateful, I’ve just not come across anything worth leaving a review/comment about! Until now. Mrs. Amandra have brought honesty and integrity into Trading where it is so needed…thank you Mrs. Amandra you can reach out to her on
Email: amandrakelly110@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +1 (856) 843-3690
Scott is hands down the best instructor there is! He was very patient and truly knew what he was doing. Very engaging and informative class! I highly recommend this location to anyone.
Took my CCW course and tactical training here, couldn’t be more happy with the results and coaching I got. Adam, one of their coaches, comes highly recommended by me to anyone inquiring. He's always ready to assist and is dedicated to improving your skills.This review focuses on Adam and his coaching, as my experience with this range is primarily through him.
Highly recommend this class! Duke was our instructor and he was very thorough and patient. After not shooting for a couple years this class was perfect for reviewing gun safety and renewing confidence. Thank you Duke & John for a great experience!! Shawn & Elizabeth Donathan
One of the best ranges/shops in NE Ohio. These folks are very friendly and knowledgeable. Love coming by and spending some time at the range, and they teach classes too.
First time shooting ever and Bob was very patient and extremely helpful. He took the time to explain and give us a step by step tutorial. Will definitely be back next time I want to shoot. Thank you, Bob!
Second time using the indoor range and really enjoy the low key (profile) atmosphere. They are in the process of doing some interior renovations during off-hours, which didn't pose an issue. It didn't happen to be busy while I was there, so I had a change to "talk shop" with one of their managers, which allowed me to find out that they have a Norton location closer to my house. Definitely recommend this spot to get some trigger time.
My husband and I haven’t shot a handgun in decades. The Basic Handgun course re-familiarized both of us with handgun safety, maintenance, and proper shooting techniques. Highly recommended. Instructor (Duke) was awesome.
My wife and I attended a basic handgun training class there and they were great. Duke and team were awesome.
Recently took additional handgun basics class. Adam and Chris really know their stuff who are instructors.All of the information, tips, and shooting parts of the class were hands-on and easy to understand. They really want you to be both good and safe with your weapon.HIGHLY recommend coming here. If you want to just shoot - or take part in a training - if you're anywhere in the Cleveland/Akron area, this is the place to come to!!!
Been here a few times. The range cost is a great deal. But what keeps me coming back is the staff. They make the experience worth while every time! Middle of a range session and a sudden question pops in your head, they’re there for ya. Yesterday i came off lane and asked if they had a speed loader, i wanted to purchase one and it’s amazing qualit, i’ll have it for years to come but he started to hand me the stores loader. took me back a little like that’s service that your just gonna let me use your equipment trusting me with it. That’s why i’ll always be back to this location.
Duke and John were class instructors, both very good, patient, and informative. Would definitely recommend the class to any gun owner. Looking forward to taking more classes.
Fantastic time, next time we'll bring my PPQ. Duke is the best. He's patient and friendly and I want to buy more ammunition from the range. I usually order ammo online but I want to support you guys and we will take ccw class definitely.
Excellent instruction. For a first time experience our instructor, Duke, was through and patient. The facility is very clean and safety is a priority. I am sure we will visit again and work to improve our skills. As a person who was not sure about my feelings about handling or owning a gun I learned an appreciation and respect. for these tools.
Duke was a great instructor, thank you Duke!
Excellent class!! Adam was a great instructor - entertaining but professional!
We had a great experience. The staff was kind, the pricing was good, and the range was nice. I’ll be going back regularly.
I use their range regularly. Always friendly and helpful, reasonably priced. I am very happy with everything.
Fantastic staff, safe range and reasonable pricing on all products & services.
Great ccw class! Facilities are nice and clean and instruction was clear. All the staff were very friendly and professional l. I felt very comfortable as a beginner.
Excellent choice for starting your weapon learning journey.
Excellent instruction and nice pistol range.
Always friendly. Easy in and easy out.
Buzz Johnson did a great job of keeping right hour class informative and interesting. Will definitely recommend to others.
Took the CCW Tactics class. It was amazing! A bit intense, as I'm accustomed to just regular ranger practice. I'm definitely more confident now. Their were plenty of instructors and they were all very patient. Can't wait to attend the next one
I took the CHL class. Jason (the instructor) was awesome. These guys have lots of knowledge, can't wait to go back for more classes.
A friend and I arrived here to test a gun I had just purchased but we arrived at closing time and began looking for another range to go to while sitting in the parking lot of range 42. While we were waiting a staff member came out to us and offered for us to come in and have the range to ourselves while he finished up some paperwork!Top notch service and deals! Best range around for sure!!
Took a pistols class with my husband. I was a nervous first timer and the Instructors were great!! They were very informative and the one on one with showing how to fire a firearm. I left having a good time and feeling comfortable. 10/10 recommend!!
Amazingly professional. I took the CCW class with Adam, and I left with a wealth of knowledge. I was a true novice. I had never fired a gun, and always held a very negative, anxious view of them. The entire staff was professional and safe, and delivered a very calm and informative class.
Attended the Women's Introduction to Handguns course today. The instructors did an amazing job. The class was informative. They did an excellent job at making everyone, no matter the experience level feel comfortable. They did a great job of answering questions. Left knowing exactly what kind of gun I would feel comfortable owning. Will be returning for more practice, more instruction and purchase.
Nice place. An cheap range time
OMG - Can you believe it has been 5 months since the 3 of us walked into Range 42 Brunswick & said, "We just bought guns & haven't a clue what to do." Yesterday, 1/30/2021, the 3 of us completed your 8-hour CCW class ... excellent, extremely informative & worthwhile ... taught by Chris Ruby & our Range training with Duke.
Since Day 1, your staff has educated us in our gun usage & safety ... during our weekly Range 42 visits. Range 42 staff are the best ... "Range Safety Officer Certified" enabling everyone the best training & guidance possible. We "thank" all of your staff for sharing with us your love & respect for our 2nd Amendment right!
Much love,
The 3 Amigas,
Becky, Jeanette & Joyce"
My husband and I took a 2 hour personal training session with Adam and he was amazing!! Adam is patient, knowledgeable and a real expert with firearms. He boosted our confidence levels with our new 9mm's and we even left the range with multiple bullseyes. We highly recommend Adam for firearms instruction.
This class is great! Very informational, well taught. Instructor Jason knows how to teach. You will leave with a lot more than you think you will going in. One on one instruction from coaches in shooting range.

My coach Duke was great with me. Took his time to explain everything and made sure I knew what I was supposed to do.

I have already recommended them to a few other Ladies, an I am considering other classes as well.

If your serious about learning about or carrying a firearm you can not go wrong here. I highly recommend this place!!!
Very nice placeThe people were very nice and helpful with my transfer process.Helped me a lotGood attitude and professional!
Very in depth and informative
Awesome gun range. I would recommend and visit again.
If you want to take a conceal carry class this is where you need to go. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and do an amazing job of making sure you are best informed on safe firearm handling practices, how to shoot, and Ohio laws. These people are not in it for the money. They truly want to see those who take this class to understand what it means to have a conceal carry license, legally protection wise, emotionally, and mentally. Also, shout out to Amanda my range coach who was able help me shoot direct center even though I have only shot once before.
I had a great experience here. Visited over the weekend to shoot a newly purchased handgun for the first time. Ran into an issue with jamming and the gentleman was right there to walk me through a solution. He showed me how to clear it, reload and get going again–all in a manner that was professional and non-condescending.Just scheduled a CCW class here and am looking forward to supporting this local establishment.
took my ccw class...Adam was a great instructor and I learned alot..class participants were fun too..definitely will go up and practice. thanks Adam
Incredible Staff, Facilities and Training environment, I am a 30 Year Retired US Army Airborne Ranger. I retired in 2013, I have six combat deployments, I have shot every weapon platform, trained too many to number Soldier's on the US Army inventory of weapon systems. I have not picked up a weapon sense i retired, because of some PTSD and other issues. Today was the first time with a weapon in my hand, The staff today were some of the most professional, knowledgeable people that i have ever engaged with. I was very anxious today before the training started and almost bailed. One the primary instructor Jason opened up the class and started to give instruction he clearly knew what he was talking about and all my anxiety went away. I also had my wife with me who has never touched a weapon until today. we both were very impressed with the material and the ono on one coaching we received on the live fire ranges today.I had a brand new Barretta .40 cal which had never been fired, my wife also had a new 9mm. we both left the class today very confidante about having to employ our weapon systems if needed.I could go on for a while, all i can say is if you are looking for somewhere to get trained, certified, weather beginner or advanced, look no further.
Just finished our CHL class at Range 42 in Brunswick. Jason was a Great instructor. The class was informative and humbling. Jason made the day breeze by. We had Cheryl as our range instructor. Cheryl is AWESOME! We take private lessons with her and she was spot on with a lot of the topics. We will continue our firearm training with Cheryl and all the GREAT people at Range 42..
took my CHL class today at range 42 !! Cant be more happy and satisfied with the class!! The instructor was helpful!! Friendly ! And he knows what he is talking about!! Away from the class and the instructor the best time i had was at the range while chyrl i think thats her name was helping me ! She was awesome !! Very nice lady and she knows her guns well!! She taught me well and instructed me nicely and made me really comfortable using my hand gun! I advise everyone to take the class there for their good!
Went for my CCW today and all the staff was amazing!! I expected it to be suuuper boring, but I was completely wrong. I have horrible anxiety and chronic trauma, so I was nervous and fearful going in to the whole situation. I only share this becuase the staff was so patient, calm and encouraging for someone who has only handled a gun a few times on top of all that. I would recommend this place to anyone who has experience or just looking to learn the basics.
I took my CHL class with Tom and was very happy! Tom made the long and tedious class more fun, funny and interactive. Not only Tom, but the entire staff is extremely knowledgeable and have extensive training and experience. My on-range coach was Marcus and he was a great instructor and was very professional. The building is clean and well organized. I would HIGHLY recommend taking their CHL class as well as the other classes they offer! I’m definitely going to be signing up for another class soon! Thank you again Tom and the rest of the staff!
Great experience! Tom was a great instructor! My range coach was awesome also! Learned ALOT! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 👍👍
Great facility..... new ownership treat you with respect regardless if newbie or been doing for years.

Appreciate friendly staff and eager to assist. Previous owner was an asshat!!!
I took my CCW/CHL class with Chris he was an amazing instructor very informative and so very helpful and there for you while still making it an enjoyable class you will stay engaged in. The range coaches and rest of staff are amazing as well thank you range 42. I will definitely be back for continued training and instruction.
Friendly staff. Nice range. Fair prices. Will be back.
Great place to shoot & learn - folks were very nice, helpful & patient - Big shout out to Matt. Will definitely be returning!
2nd time firing a gun and Ron was an amazing instructor. Clean safe environment to learn! Will definitely be back.
Great people, great teachers
Jason was great! Not a dull moment in the 8hr class.
Highly recommend taking your CCW or any other course here. Jason was an amazing instructor who made the class very informative and fun. All the staff was very friendly and patient with everyones needs. You won't be disappointed.
Vets that run a friendly business and have qualified instructors. Good range facility.
I took the first course, if u never held a gun in your hand,this course is for u,I want to thank Scott Landry, and christinan, fantastic job,best 60 bucks I ever spent,I'm taking my CCW with u guy's next
Nice range run by veterans. Reasonable rates. Good experiences.
Awesome Instructor and staff.. totally a blast 💥💥❤️
First time at a gun range and it was the best decision ever to stop at this place!! Our instructor (I think his name was Glen) was so welcoming and cool!! Highly recommend this place!
- Your pre-wedding buddies
My instructor Jason was awesome and my shooting instructor Tristan was so patient with me..i would recommend these guys any day and im looking forward to using the range and taking more classes with them...